• sayan_naskar 5w

    But There were roads, I wanted to walk on, long and dusty streets that ended in alleys, never explored. Amidst an impervious darkness I wanted to sit beside a stack of dying embers, vaguely illuminating the surrounding, until it was time for the sun to get back on the horizon. I wanted to lie down on a dais of grass and count the stars above, drowned inside a tacit silence, I wanted to thrum to the symphony of beetles in a wood. I wanted to scribble on a blank canvas as the snow flakes would brace my skin, a place far beyond the artic, where northern lights could be an undeniable keynote. I wanted to travel to the loneliest of places, visit deserted sea-shores. Lost inside the silver stream of the moon, I wanted to touch the deepest core of such solitude. But even in all these dreams, I wouldn't have wanted anything quite as much as I have wanted you, For I knew even if I tried, there's no road that wouldn't lead me back to you.

    ┬ęSayan_Naskar ( Shady )