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    thank you for another amazing challenge @carolyns_challenges!

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    I fly among the stars
    faster and faster until
    I am one of them
    and they are one of me.

    I am a shooting star.
    A cosmic solar system.
    I am the constellations.
    A bright and shining light.

    I enclose myself within the galaxy
    and away from the world until
    all I can see is its beauty.
    An escape from reality.

    I am not a black hole.
    I do not aim to make dreams disappear.
    I am not gravity.
    Instead, I float away from Earth and into the heavens.

    As I stare at the brilliance of life above me I wonder why I could not join them.
    Way up above.
    Far away.
    Immense and wonderous.

    It's not space at all.
    No, I think it should be called