• the_snehachaudhary 23w

    Isn't it strange how people change suddenly,
    Once he felt my presence heavenly, now he even hates looking at me.

    Maybe it was my fault, maybe somewhere i was wrong
    Maybe it was not him where i belong but then y u made the promises of lifelong?

    Baby u were right , everyone is selfish but I imagined that "except you" in my mind,
    Yeah honey ,in your love i was blind ,
    Never knew what was happening behind.
    Was I not caring enough? Was I too much possessive?
    I know u fail to confess, I knw u r not much expressive,
    But what you did was way too aggressive.

    Still i tried to understand, I thought you must be in stress ,
    But maybe it was my fault, I know i was a total mess,
    Now I'm out of your life , you must be happy now! I guess