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    True story (heartbroken)✍��
    There are two body but one soul
    Abi and vani
    Abi is always tells vani that,
    I love you most not yours body
    But vani never understood that things.
    Falling of leaves,
    Deserted road,
    Alone soul,
    This types of thinking sick the abi,
    And vani is enjoying her life with friends or other person but the the peroson who loves most she never talk to him.
    Abi was getting depressed and the time comes
    Abi lost his memory and went to depression but vani never care about him because he is a true lover.
    Abi suffering for 2-3 month and get back but his is now not in love with vani.
    Vani is a such a selfish and heartless girl,
    She never care about him and she didn't know that abi suffered very dangerous diseases,
    But abi never lose hope and recover his memory
    Now abi have a great day and new opportunities.
    Abi and vani story will continue after some time.

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    Abi and vani