• sammiegirl 10w

    Rainbow Tears

    As a writer,

    There's people I envy, the person I desire.
    Here I learned jealousy is more for the people you admire.
    Ignore the girl, but judge on the actions that don't define her.
    Speaking is nothing, if you don't discuss the liar.
    The heart doesn't feel with someone who doesn't mind her.
    Tears add color to the fire.
    I feel shut down and tired.
    Draw a smile on the crier,
    All my real work and pain stays in my binder.
    There are days I wanna give up, others I feel like the trier.
    I want to hurt bad people, but have good people I can inspire.
    I know the girl I display on the outside isn't the girl inside her.
    To be stronger, prettier and wiser.