• deeparajmal 22w

    This text conversation between 2 girls is happened while traveling from Chennai to kanchipuram. on 03/11/2019.

    Tamilnadu Vs Maharashtra

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    Tamilnadu Vs Maharashtra

    A Nice conversation between 2

    G1: likes G2 writings

    G2: liked G1writings

    G1: Are you Malayali??

    G2: No tamilian

    G1: oh!! still I like "tamilians" and "malayalis".

    G2: Good but, I like "human" and "humanity"
    without any "partiality".

    G2: You are from North???

    G1: From Maharashtra.

    G2: ohh is it? Actually my "hero" is from Maharashtra and I have one friend too she is my PG classmate.

    G1: Good. Then who is your hero????

    G2: Try to guess my hero

    G1: "Chatrapati shivaji Maharaj"???

    G2: No no. Can I give clue???

    G1: ?????

    G2: Clue is Cricket. I hope now you will

    G1: Sachin..

    G2: Yes, "Mr. Sachin Thendulkar" he is my hero and inspirational man.

    G1: Great. Do you like "politics"???

    G2: I like "politics" but, not "politicians". Why your suddenly shifted to politics???

    G1: ????

    G1: Ok. Which party your following???

    G2: I am "not" following to anyone but, I want to "create" a new one.

    G1: Ok.

    G2: Ok nice to our chats☺️.