• shaheenmuskan 6w

    The book on your bedside table

    She is that book on your bedside table, that you just can't get yourself to read. You know you want to, but sometimes you are not sure if you know, how to?

    So, you get another book for a lighter reading and you finish those every alternate night; even the once that get your attention can't last untill the next midnight.

    You know in your heart of hearts that you want to read her, but you don't really know how to?
    So, some day you pull yourself together, certain that you will read her, you flip through pages as if you were examining her,

    But again you find the writing unfathomable!
    Understanding euphemism, and grasping rhetorical question isn't one of your strong suit.
    so, you stumble on a different a page
    You mumble!
    You jumble!
    But you can't begin to grasp the cipher!
    It's just beyond your caliber.

    She will always be that book for most of the people, as deciphering the intricate patterns require undivided attention;
    It requires commitment and compassion!
    And not everyone is ready or capable of making it.