• shikha__say 22w

    Everytime the cupid fired an arrow,
    One hit me and the other one went down narrow,
    I always thought that it will hit you.
    But you were immune to the love floor
    Always you came in, that wound pained
    But nevertheless,now I've been trained
    It was hard to hide whatever I felt
    But my love was never to be pleaded or knelt
    You met with a smile as big as face
    I strive to find that love trace
    You came running to give me a hug
    Oh! Your hairs left a small love bug
    I don't know why you replied me on time
    Doing this to me was a hilarious crime
    Everytime you came,the clock went on race
    But my heart always kept up with the pace
    It was always hard to see you leave
    But you always left with a story to weave
    This time you left,we missed something
    Something that has left me burning
    I've taken an oath this time
    I'll always be ringing like a chime
    No more chase no more crying
    I'll always smile whether truth or lying