• ennuishil 5w


    The day was in a deep slumber
    Night at its full glory
    Inside the dark woods, a boy stood still
    Wrapped up in darkness, lost his way, lost his will
    An empty sky with no stars to show him the way
    The silence was deafening his ears
    Darkness was feeding on his fears
    His collapse seemed inevitable but nature had a different plan
    He saw a flickering light, a tiny glow
    A little creature, gliding in a rhythmic flow
    It tapped on his shoulder and swirled around him
    As if putting a protection spell, buzzing a scared hymn
    Its light picked him up piece by piece
    Fluttering of its tiny wings vibrated through his bones
    Lifting his spirits
    Igniting his soul
    His chest felt warm, his eyes turned bright
    It nudged him ahead, lighting up his sight
    Leaving the darkness behind that engulfed him inside
    The night turned day and the light was gone
    But now its wings were filled with many hues
    Turning his dull landscape into beautiful views
    It's a shape shifting blessing, a beautiful disguise
    A divine intervention, an unconditional surprise!