• gregwrites 5w

    There comes a time
    When you have to be logical than emotional
    A time when you speak less and write more
    Life is but for a while
    And so I realise why my heart beats
    Correspond with the ticks of the clock
    Let every second count
    I have been separated from my pen
    The reason for congealed inks
    My palm is warm now
    See the words flow out
    There's momentum when my mind
    Aligns with my heart
    There's vector when my writings
    Concur with my Readers' perception
    And so as life remains
    Too deep to understand
    We remain too attentive to learn
    Nature never speaks but expresses
    And so no matter how long
    The silent night exists
    Day must always break
    Do get ready to spread your arms wide
    And feel the sensation of the sunlight
    As you embrace a good time
    There comes that time