• joyjoy 30w

    Find me

    And I return to this life
    My small island
    Rife with possibilities
    Projects left undone
    Seeds unplanted
    Ideas...so many
    This is what's mine
    I could feel ashamed
    I could place blame
    I could continue with the same
    And I will
    For a time
    Then one morning
    Perhaps this one
    It will change for me
    If there's one thing I know
    I'm not stagnant
    I don't wallow for long
    Not because I'm strong
    But because I'm not
    I cannot hold back the tides
    As they sweep over my life
    I cannot hold onto sadness
    And anger
    It is too hard
    I live in the current
    In the chaos
    In the action
    That is where I'm happy
    That is where I love
    That's where you'll find me