• fragment 6w

    An entry I wrote for the current contest, "write a poem from the perspective of a tree". Perhaps in the future I will be able to participate in the contests, but for now the prompt alone proved an excellent use of my time.

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    Eager though I remained
    Many days were often the same

    Boldly attributing to my state
    Many others remarked upon my fate
    As facing a certain dutiful confinement

    Stubbornly I refused to relate
    Living in dull fluvial assignment

    They do not see
    How I excel
    in being free
    And me

    I'm always watching

    One, two, three
    Falling leaves

    Is the joy of my simplicity
    So truly difficult to believe?

    Inviting the air as it weaves
    In and about the knots of my knees

    I thought that I would never receive
    The end of my days
    Witnessing the mortal reality
    Of that first falling leaf

    Momentary madness
    Gripped my spirit
    Much like sadness
    Was this their attack on me?

    A sound not unlike chopping
    Greeted my feet
    The swaying tendrils of my heart
    Feared the sound and obeyed
    Accepting defeat

    Vastness and blackness is all that I can impart
    As I awoke many days later
    To find it was not death with which I had embarked

    Too many colors to name
    Graced my presence
    Dissolving the grim disdain
    That previously inhabited my existence

    How long then, had I lived in vain?
    A lonely lesson in persistence

    Flurries of commotion ensued
    Never losing their spark
    Partaking with gentle consideration
    In this bright new world
    Aware of my resilient roots
    Quickly claiming their marks

    Never again would I have to count

    One, two, three

    This place was different

    Admittedly I was mistaken

    I no longer hid in modus vivendi

    © fragment, 2020 (Katherine Bernhardt)