• hridhita_anjal 23w


    "Mom", I once said
    I was a kid then and it was Father's day
    "Why does father have to work too much
    to forget his family behind?"
    "No son, you got it wrong,
    he loves his dear family.
    But he has to work too
    for nourishing his family."
    Those big big words
    mom told those days
    which made me think
    "Why does he never come back on time?"

    The sudden ring of the doorbell
    happened me to open the door,
    when it was dad.
    He went upstairs without any word,
    "How can he forget the dinner mom made?"
    was what I was upset with.
    I remember myself staying awake the
    whole night why he's so rude.

    I still remember him
    The way he used to water the plants;
    all dried up now.
    And the everyday pillow fights
    for sure which annoyed mom.
    The competitions over the small things,
    The silly-loving conversations,
    His favourite words once were
    "Come on, now be like my boy"
    At one point I used to hate him
    I'll admit it but
    that wasn't hatred, love it was;
    used to say mom and I understood it today
    I miss those days, for my dad is my superhero!

    But this powerful poem controlled
    emotions of the readers,
    But no one shall ever know,
    It's actually my father who changed his job.
    And I can hear those loud snores upstairs,
    I'll go and wake him up
    For the special breakfast that today I made.

    Thanks Dad....
    Happy Father's day!