• sarodinesh 5w

    What do you think? Why do you want to quote up your power in the word "feminism"? Nowadays, I can see many women with fake feminism ideas... Literally, modern women need independent and luxuries life. They don't want anyone to question them or to secure. All their perception is to enjoy life by creating their own rules and happiness. If somebody comments them about their behaviours, suddenly they can't accept and begin to open up. They think they are right, society is a drama relative are just puppet dolls in it. They will never try to adjust to because they are well educated and high earners. They think their angriness is a weapon. They never need equal rights with men but all they want is, fake glory upon them...

    Such foolish women

    Then what is feminism means,

    It is not showing your power to the one who puts you down. Shouting and showing your angriness must be replaced with silence and ignorance. Women should be conscious of where to adjust and open up! She should consider everyone one around her and behave prudently in the place of emotional commitments. Your education is the standard knowledge about the characters. She should often exhibit her capability of doing everything. Practice the skills of being too old and too trendy. She should be the bridge between two families. Prefer your respects to elder people instead of annoying them. Rudeness is a poor quality of a dumb. Broad up your mind never your body. If you want equal rights with men then be an ultimate culturist woman with all the traditional qualities.
    Feminism should begin from mind never from lips...