• aman_kr_raja 23w

    Some might ask "Why do you write?"
    Is it some pain or memories hidden behind?
    It's about the story created in time
    With mixture of spices where feelings does reside
    The smile, the eyes which cannot be described
    So I pour out feelings through the words in my mind
    I know you longer read with your heart
    But let's hope there will a day where you feel me in this part
    Some emotions are better when not said
    So there are some clues hidden here somewhere
    If you find the pieces of my heart
    Don't shatter it anymore just try to fix it if you can by far
    Yes I'll smile even if you go away
    Because I have a promise that I made you someday
    Walk back slowly away from life
    By the time you notice, I will be no longer there to just reside
    Don't look back to search for me
    There will be no pain caused to you by the farewell me.