• romantic__writer 10w

    Live present

    Future? Worrying about future?
    Okay did you got the solution in one second or ten minutes? Problem got solved within an hour? by your worried nature? It's not !! Right?
    Then why worry? Fuck it
    Nobody forgets so Don't forget your past, just yes remember the incidents happened, when the right time will come take the revenge silently if and only if you want or just watch the show how cards gets destroyed of those who destroyed your cards but yes don't keep interest in past too.
    Basic funda is if you are reading my post now then just Concentrate on the reading, it's going to benefit you or not that's not important. Simply read my words. If it's 9 pm at the clock then just think about the 9-9.05pm maximum. Coz you don't know what's there in 9.06. If you don't know then why worry?
    Just live the moment. Stop dragging past. Stop thinking about blames insults underestimations cheaters lovers haters complains what you got.
    Stop discovering future. What you gonna do how you gonna get what you are looking for? You will not Anything by thinking.
    Just live the moment with positive attitude like a soldier.
    Raise the slogan " Jo bhi hoga dekha jayega jo bhi musibat ayega dekh lenge jhel lenge ladai kar lenge, mar jayenge bhi toh kya ghanta fark parega"
    So just live the seconds not even minutes❀