• piku_poetry 22w

    He shouted till his last breath..
    "Moi oxomiya..muk namaribo !"
    These words hits my blood up !
    Was that their fault..they went to a place where they will be declared as kidnappers !? Does the so called word "HUMANITY" really exist !? Animals are way much better then humans !

    "Girls are not safe as well as boys !
    Don't go out ! or else they will kill you like a toy !
    I am scared ! Scared of going out and roaming around..
    Who gonna know..we might get killed in our own town..
    I've never think that humans will turned into cannibals !
    & they will slaughtered their own brothers like animals !
    The word "HUMANITY" is just a word !
    It doesn't even exist in this world !
    The hell is empty..and all the devils are here !
    We..the youth..can't take a step out of this fear !