• mr_hashtag 9w

    Chasing the Light ☄️✨

    Mind once convinced can never be led astray,
    The new dawn of determination will show us the way....
    Time is also a "virtue",
    And the fact's damn TRUE;
    Ignoring the inappropriate,
    Has always been great !
    PLAY the course of life when it comes to cease,
    Pause it when required, and let the tides freeze ....
    Stopping should never be a thing,
    As the survivor is crowned the king;
    Adventures are meant to be undertaken,
    When shells of perseverance abruptly break open ....
    Set free the WILD horse within,
    Witness the jovial era begin !
    Light is nature's vibrant art,
    Darkness is just an integral part;
    Barking dogs may act as a hindrance,
    Advance with pride, keep them in trance ....
    Day and night are the offsprings of "motion",
    Brew some CONFIDENCE and drink the "potion" ....
    Nights are always dark unless you move to the NORTH POLE,
    "The darkest nights bear the brightest days" said none who lost their GOAL !

    - Mr. #ashtag