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    With all his faith
    In the black thread
    He tied it to my feet
    Oblivious, it is not the black thread
    But his love that protects me
    From the demons.

    Just stop for a second
    And give me a reason
    Why do I believe in the thread
    And not your love?

    When the night falls
    And the dark calls
    Is it the thread
    Or you, who lends me a hand
    I hold on to.

    For the vagabond
    That I've become
    Ever since I lost my home
    Is it the thread
    Or you, whose presence
    Makes me feel home.

    When I am adjusting
    To the darkness
    Still searching for the switches
    Is it the thread
    Or you, who shows me
    The hallways to this unkind world.

    At 2 in the morning
    When the world sleeps
    And I am battling my demons
    Is it the thread
    Or you, who becomes my armour
    My guardian angel?

    This thread
    Intertwines our faith
    Fades ours worries.
    Tied to my feet
    But makes me free.

    Your faith in me
    Has given me a home
    And now
    It gives me an army
    To shield myself.

    Like the ring on a betrothed
    Armour on the knight
    I promise, to wear this thread
    But as a symbol of my admiration
    Of the faith and believe
    With which your eyes shined
    When you tied it to my feet.

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