• rickosuave 10w

    Poetry The Christmas Miracles

    Our safe haven was magical, lights and stars created the perfect environment for happiness. We were safe from the dark and the angels were there to protect us. The perfect Christmas was the one where we found Miracles under the Christmas tree and Yummy yule logs and crunchy candy canes, gingerbread houses with iced windowpanes, ~ marzipan fruits and sugarplums sweet, sugar cookie snowflakes and eggnog! What a treat! ~ So many cakes and candies and puddings to greet us.

    Christmas ain't fun when you've got diabetus..
    A lot of things change over a year. New people come into your life, some you have known for ages leave and you might reach destinations that had seemed so out of sight just a few months ago. In just a year, one might grow up faster than in all the previous years combined or you could fall back into habits you thought you’d left behind. But when I’m lying under the christmas tree right now, with red wine warming my stomach and fairy lights dancing, nothing has really changed and Christmas Wishlist.. .

    Flowers of self-forgiveness, The power to overcome hopelessness, The wisdom of showing compassion to myself, An abundant amount of contentment & hatefulness, Infinite reasons to stay alive and
    breathe in and breathe out. You ou are surrounded by loved ones today and the food is good, and there are so many stories to tell. this is the season of expression. this is the season of loving kindness and be in love with your family and be in love with your own flesh and blood and breathe in and breathe out. breathe in and breathe out and smile and laugh and you are happy at this moment and this moment is your life.

    There’s miracle here tonight. There’s something special about tonight and tomorrow and the end of the year in general. Things can happen and things can change and people can surprise you. Because I never believe in Santa in my life and I don't believe in magic either I believe God and Miracles and I believe in humanity and true love and fate. And if you treat others well, they’ll be nice to you back. And if you will good things to happen to you, they will. And if you try to make yourself a better person, you’ll become one. So if there’s something you’re waiting for, building up the courage to do, or having trouble accepting- just remember that you get a little extra miracle tonight.