• naive_verses 9w

    *...Some Talks...*

    #: "Was it love ? feels so right!"

    &: "yeah, spark maybe it is."

    #: "Let it be, I already like the vibe."

    &: "never thought it could be real"

    #: "hey, promise me you wont leave me, alright?"

    &: "Why spoil the moment? Can't you just hold me tight and walk by my side?"

    #: "I'll hold you tight to walk by your side, not just for tonight but all of my life."

    &: "I feel that's right makes me more and more fall in to your eyes"

    #: "Alright, Miss Emoji sleep now while I hold you tight"

    &: "I love you Mr. Hashtag kisses for the night"

    ***They knew they had just this night, seeing a new morning was not their choice***