• 7_ups_to_me 10w


    I'm not a colour ,
    Black and White
    I'm not a lyric
    With words that rhymes
    I'm not that sky
    You all love to write
    I'm not bag
    With a price tag
    I'm not a dress
    To wear
    I'm me a human , filled with love and fear ,
    Endlessly caring dear , never put in words cause I show it in works , I know you'll never understand me like I do you but just trust me when I say that I won't screw .

    Hello guys I'm challenging you on writing quotes to poems about the deep inner you , not by your identity but by your inner beauty . I'll be waiting and if you did use the hastag
    #7upmythoughtsfanwrites . With lots of love 7_ups_to_me .