• wellen 5w

    Can't wear this time

    Flied away with breakneck speed
    That unwilling period
    Harsh struggle it was
    Introspecting and arising
    From the grounds of embarrassment.
    With a heavy heart...took out the mask
    Of insane hatred and cruelty
    Deeply hid it ....the cosmic love within
    Its clumsy shape which was supposed
    To be showered immensely on you.

    No offence ....putting that yuck mask
    Now and then only to stay away from you
    Unwillingly but still was bound to
    Maintain those lengthy barriers....
    Now...since you are back again
    With the same gestures ,plated with
    Unknown motives, bound again I am
    To put the fake mask hard as nails
    No...not this time
    Heart screams for justice
    And am following mind's order
    "Can't wear this time!!"
    Words echoed...while wearing it again.