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    I don't want you anymore and you are nothing to me and the thing that hurt me most is that after all the stuff that happened with me i still care for you. Once you told me that I Am your weakness and I'm your strength but now i think i am none of the above. You told me that no matter what is the situation i am always with you , at that Time i thought may be you are the one who supposed to be mine but now at present when i need you where are you? There was a time when you just visit to a certain places just to See Me but now you don't even want to listen me...... But as you known time flies now I'm the same person that i was when i met you but it is wrong to say that i don't love you yes i do but now i just don't want you. i always pray that god bless you. I never want you to come back in my life again. i can't talk to you anymore.

    #love #breakup #hate #care #latenightthought #lovelove
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    Time flies

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