• emenari_cj 11w

    Nickels & Dimes

    I love you just the way I love the vibrations of a loud music while I'm sleeping (weird)
    I hate the eerie silence and tons of scenarios running in my head
    The same way I hate the thoughts of you slipping (away)
    I'm having that '808s & Heartbreak' feels...
    But trust me, I could shed that like peels...
    Pardon my excessive Hubris?! ✌
    But this is a glorified Cruise!
    I know you do call me heartless!
    But you the one always lying, that's ruthless!
    I could play a thousand scenarios of your lies in my mind!
    And still come out with the original truth, that tastes like lime!
    This is for clarity, I can't make you stay!
    But if you decide to... 'Welcome To Heartbreak'

    © Emenari CJ [Young Simba]