• ink_trovert 10w

    The sleeping Chandelier

    The silently sleeping chandelier,
    Keeps Propped my love's secret.
    Sighing! Tired it dwindled!
    The Testigo of my love dancing in the ballroom,
    Once Glimmered and smiled to my beloved.
    One fine darkest night the chandelier slept,
    Folding it's lightning eyelashes closed to eternity.
    With that my love lost its way in the dark
    Taking away all of my sleepy winks.
    A crystal shed down from the chandelier's eye,
    And I tucked it in my bleak dull pendant.
    With dark circles under my eyes I smile
    And the candles keep up the hope alive.
    That pendant next to my heartbeat I abrade,
    The broken crystal of The sleeping chandelier.
    Ps:- Did I make you smile?

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    The Sleeping Chandelier