• runakasi_ 20w

    Locked lips, frightened eyes, shattered heart

    She stood there in silence with her arms folded thru her chest
    Her heart skips a beat as she flashbacks to her childhood
    A sudden urge to vomit as she feels her blood rushin' thru her veins
    She keeps staring that mirror, questioning what she sees
    Her hairs slowly unfold from the messy high bun that she usually makes
    Mascara rolls down to those chubby cheeks as her eyes began to tear
    She lets of her guard and finally breaks down
    She keeps her right hand on her mouth so that she doesn't utter a noise
    Her left hand stick to her head stopping those hairs from coming thru her face
    *Door knocks*
    She gulps as she replies "2 mins!"
    She stood, splashed some water on her face
    Came out with, smiley lips, sad eyes, drained heart.
    -Runa Kasi