• scribblersecho 9w


    With so many elements to perceive in this realm,
    We strive to experience everything which we can hook,
    Never yielding, always fantasising,
    Seldom succeeding, seldom disappointed,
    We mingle ourselves with more than one shade.

    But somethings in this cosmos are intended to be,
    Like a rainbow,
    Emerging on the horizon,
    Within the shining of the apollo and gloom of the shadows,
    She was born with a soothing aura among delight and melancholy.

    Including every shade inside her,
    She spreads every emotion we are expected to encounter,
    Her fragrance can make anyone's soul tender,
    Bursting of every expression, every tremor.

    Therefore savour your possibilities, behold aforementioned natural marvel.
    As a rainbow doesn't linger eternally, she will float beyond than you can ever attain.