• thousand_splendid_thoughts 6w

    "With all my blood and bones "

    'No human being has ever stood so
    close to my soul as you stand.'
    I delivered a realism quote by
    James Joyce to him.
    He sighed and asked, "No one?"
    I slightly moved my head towards him
    and whispered, "Not even me."

    He looked into my eyes,
    the lamp's light shone in his eyes,
    he squeezed my hand lightly
    and held my gaze tightly.

    If you would ask me
    what the universe looks like,
    I would tell you that this moment with him
    felt like I have tasted the depth of the universe,
    like I am here just to feel that moment with him.

    At that moment I knew that I was going
    to love this man sitting in front of me in a
    blue check shirt, with all my blood and bones,
    with all of my heart and soul,
    with all of me and all the things more than me.
    Whatever rush of love was flowing through
    Lemony Snicket when he wrote,
    'I will love you if I never see you again and
    I will love you if I see you every Tuesday',
    was flowing through me too at that time.

    It's still flowing and I am drowning in it,
    and I am still here loving him like my last breath.
    For love doesn't need to see the lover's face every time to stay inside a human, it stays in you like it's
    a part of your body, it will always, even after the one
    who made love a part of your body no more stays near your body.



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