• lavenyaravikumar 51w


    Hail and storm roaring in my heart,
    the weather is not calm both
    inside and out .
    The rainbows that usually greeted the
    Clouds now painted the skies ,
    with every step I took with you.
    I walked slowly because I never
    want this dream to end so early.
    Every unnoticed flowers in pathway
    suddenly bloomed with pretty colours,
    But none can aromate the fragrance that
    Your smile effortlessly spreads .
    I know you will leave in a while ,
    And we walk in different roads of life.
    Im not brave enough to walk further
    Because I don't know the place
    In your heart I really pay.
    But whenever you walk passing me,
    I really wanna held your hands
    And ask you to stay .