• skab90 9w

    3:03 -3:08 a.m.

    Another sleepless night
    Brought on by my sadness,
    If this is the life
    I don't want it you can have it.
    They say I'm lucky for some of my opportunities, but i feel that I've earned them cause you don't know what this life can do to me.
    Somewhere along the way it's clear I did some wrong, I was young, dumb and more mentally strong. I didn't worry about how damaged I'd be when my twenties were long gone.
    Never suffered the consequences cause of my last name, learned this at a young age so I decided to rebel, then I took it too far made my family ashamed.
    When I realized that, I realized i was to far in too turn back. Now I'm stuck here being this cold fuck with no fear, cause of the things I did and what I've seen, best friends stab me in the back like a needle stabs a fiend.
    I just wrote about what went through my head in the last 5 minutes, can you image what it's like if I actually let you in it?