• mohammedjunaidkhan 5w

    Lost Childhood

    Small hands,
    Working 14 to 15 hours in dirt and sand,

    Away from their parents,
    Continuously tested is their endurance,

    By those who abducted them or bought them,
    From the one who gave birth to them,

    Such is the plight of those innocent souls,
    Barely are they treated like humans, but more like machines with remote control,

    They get to see books only when their captives pay them their meagre wages,
    Their supposed to be soft hands turn rough by working and their unfortunate fingers will never get to turn pages,

    Turn pages of books which kids of their age are reading,
    And those small tired bodies on dried bread and stale food are feeding,

    Making them prone to diseases,
    Coughing blood, being nutritionally deficient, majority suffering from tuberculosis,

    From our world, their world is hidden,
    A world full of suffering children,

    Exposed to poisonous chemicals of fire cracker factories,
    A place where none of us will want our children to be,

    When on our festivities those crackers are burnt,
    Along with them, their childhood is also burnt,

    This deteriorating environment is their curse in which we will choke,
    Cos we neglected their suffering, let their childhood disappear in smoke.