• renevelez 22w


    A Poem by Rene Velez

    Walking the dog at night 
    in the suburbs is a mostly 
    silent affair. Just the sound 
    of two dog tags jingling, 
    leaving a small reminder 
    of Christmas in summer. 

    And on the clearest night 
    sometimes I may look up 
    when I walk. A bit of wonder 
    in the stars, looking for that 
    extraterrestrial light or two. 

    Sometimes, I may see deer 
    sleeping on the grass, well 
    camouflaged except for their 
    reflective eyes. 

    A neighbor once told me 
    they'd seen a bear.
    I've never seen one and 
    I don't want to be that lucky. 
    But I do see possum or 
    a hare from time to time. 

    a city boy walking a dog 
    in the suburbs at night. It 
    really hasn't changed me. 
    I still walk. I just keep 
    different company now. 

    © 2018 Rene Velez