• saahilc078 10w

    And you see nothing
    Drown in these chances
    It limits you as "people"
    And you will strike out again
    But what if ask you
    I don't seem to understand
    And i wont mobilize
    And you will end up
    Killing that self
    Not with those words
    But you will burn it all down
    And i will keep asking
    I dont seem to understand
    I cant see through these lines
    As you drown in the chances
    Ill keep asking
    Staying still ill wonder
    And you make sense out of nothing
    Ill give you time again
    You will talk but without sense
    "Why dont you try again"
    I would never understand
    Not those words
    And you see nothing
    As i was never showing anything
    But you wonder with the same curiosity
    And it makes me think
    If what i do is wrong
    Or what if im just being carried away