• divinityinmotion 30w

    Do U?

    ...Love me,
    Like No other before,
    Like I was that thing that made your life more.

    ...Love me,
    Like I was the morning sun that warms your skin in winter.

    ....Love me,
    Like a romantic comedy that makes you snuggle up to your favorite person on the planet.

    ....Love me,
    For how I make you feel or for what I can do for you?

    ....Love me,
    Who I am or what I may become?

    ....Love me,
    Enough to make me feel loved, cared for, nurtured and held up high as your Man?

    ....Love me,
    Even with my mishaps, vulnerabilities, and flaws?

    .....Love me?

    Truly and sincerely?
    Not like your brother,
    Or your father, or a play thing,
    Or a past anything.....

    But as only your lover, companion and husband could?

    C, I Love You with all your insecurities, fears, abandonment, betrayal (my fault) and trust issues.

    I Love You with your flabby stomachs and botched lips.

    I Love You with beautiful, warm, caring, giving and nurturing soul;
    ...with and your strong militant mind and strategic brilliance.
    ....with that creative genius that creates beautiful art with anything around yet becomes masterful pieces worth millions.

    I Love You and long to hold you as we cuddle watching movies;
    I Love You and day dream about taking you shopping and restaurant dining, with plays, clubs, sex events, and night life in elegance.
    I Love You and it's killing me how I ache for reciprocity and domestic life mixed with high society business life.

    I Love You,
    Because I've fallen for you some time ago and because I can see a future with you that goes beyond the show.

    I Love You....
    And I've been in,.....
    For a while now. Do U?