• reformed_teetotaler 5w

    It was just like another day
    I was in my clinic
    Evaluating a schizophrenic
    Till I saw her walking towards my room
    As she kept coming nearear
    The blurry memories of her
    Started becoming more clear
    Suddenly I had the reconciliation
    Of our last meeting
    About how we had a fight over
    Some silly thing
    Which in no time turned
    Fuckin serious
    And i ended up slapping her
    In the heat of the moment
    She ran towards the kitchen
    I could her her crying but
    Then I heard her saying
    That let me make coffee
    We will sort it out
    But I felt so bad
    I was so much filled with regret
    And self loath
    That I ran from her house
    And then never returned to her
    I always used to think
    That how I could have stayed
    And things could have been so different!
    And when I was in between my memory trip
    She was just standing 1 inch away from me
    And before I could collect courage to say something
    I looked towards her hands
    I saw a handcuff
    With her was a police officer
    And before I could have interpreted anything the police officer said
    "Good morning doxab! Can you please examine her first? I am in a bit of hurry?"
    I asked him "examination !? Like why?"
    To which he replied "sir she has killed 4 of her boyfriends by adding poison to there coffee so we need a psychiatric evaluation of her before proceeding in the case!"