• shalznsd 10w

    Driven in Love

    A silent tear rolls from my eyes,
    the moment you say goodbye.
    Eventhough we converse for hours,
    but at the end of the day, you always seems afar.
    Days and months have passed,
    yet I couldn't make a place in your heart.
    I wonder how strong are these walls around you,
    that my love fails in reaching you.
    Baby, I love you and I want to reach out to you,
    to share your happines and lend a shoulder whenever you need one.
    Why have you to keep me at arms length,
    when all I want to do is, to take away all your loneliness and pain.
    I just want you to take a single step towards me,
    and I am ready to cross oceans for you and me.
    I know it's difficult for you, but trust me it isn't easier for me either.
    To Love you and suppress everything and be normal,
    I tell you it isn't everyone's cup of tea to be so this often.
    I am aware it's difficult for you to have any feelings for me,
    but I wish my heart as well agreed and walked off lamely.
    Deep down it feels that we are destined to be together,
    Deep down it feels that we share a cosmic bond that would last forever.
    I love you so much that I am Ok if you don't love me back.
    Because the love that I have treasured in my heart, is sufficient for both of us and would never lag.