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    Part 2:
    *Trigger warning*
    A few references about sex(._.)
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    Making a grown woman cry was certainly not one of my proudest skillsets but needless to say, I excelled in it. I could've, for the life of me, tried to make up to her by offering her make-up sex, as it has always worked as a good compensation before, but this time I wasn't feeling it. Apparently, low libido is a side effect of taking anti-depression pills, and my doctor had prescribed it to me in the very first visit. How could I've offered her sex if my ���������� couldn't wake up from a sleep. But I had to do something.

    I followed her, shortly, into the bathroom which was suitably large, decked with crystal white tiles upto the ceiling, packing a medium sized bath tub of the colour of an oyster, as well as a shower head that was fitted at the appropriate height; neither too low nor too high.

    As I walked in, I found her half submerged in the tub with two bath candles lit beside it. Her hands were hanging out, eyes were closed, and a portion of both of her knees and face exposed to the bitter side of me. Her light pale skin below her neck was faintly visible through the bubbles, and I could almost see her breasts if I'd stress my eyes enough. I woke her up by gently knocking on her wrist.

    "Is there enough space for both of us in there?" I asked, in a humble attempt to repair her bad mood.

    "Yea, sure. If I get up and leave." She responded, shortening her eyelids and contracting her lips. Yes, my upsetting powers were greatly unmatched.

    "I can read to you your favourite book if you want, while you bathe in the hot water. Or we can even put on that romance flick you've been meaning to watch since last week. What was the name?" I tried recalling it and a second later, " Me before you, yes that one!" I proposed her an offer, which was arguably fair.

    "Or you can go back to using your phone and I can spend some time alone in peace, the second thing" She paused for a moment. "No, actually the only thing I'm yearning for right now." She affirmed, turning her face away from me.

    "Honey" I murmured. " I'm trying really hard here. I know I was a dick to you, a few minutes ago but I want to make up for it. I can't see you like this; sad and upset and that too because of me. " I waited for her to relocate her gaze at me. But to no avail. "The doctor had called an hour ago. " I added. And THAT managed to catch her attention. She turned her face towards me, as quickly as a pill falling inside your throat after a delicate push from a glass of water.
    " He wants me to forget you." I paused, looking away. "He says that you're.....dead and that you're just a piece of my imagination, that is no longer needed to be there, inside my already �������������� mind." I said in a fading voice.

    Her pupils were dilated at this point, her stare unflinched and fixated at my mouth, waiting for the next words to come out. Her forehead shrank in, sheltering a few too many wrinkles and both of her fists clenching on either side of the tub. A moment later, her lips expanded, her teeth became visible and in a trembling note, a question made its way towards my ears, "And what did you say to him?"

    To be continued...

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