• namrathashenoy 23w


    The breeze of love
    Was started in a cool winter
    Even though we had seen each other
    We never spoke to one another
    The sparkle of friendship
    Grew into a huge star
    Which was far away from the earth
    I was dying to talk to him and so was he
    Our love started from minus infinity and
    Iam sure it will reach plus infinty
    I am merely in deep love with him
    That i rarely see someone as special as him
    My words goes beyond the limits
    And my world transfers to the place where he resides
    Every touch of him makes me die for
    Each and every word he spoke echoes in my mind
    The twinkling of his eyes,cherish me
    I get transposed to a different world when am with him.
    I see a different world with him
    He completes me,he defines me,he justifies me
    N more impotantly he loves me immensely
    What else will i expect from this world
    When he resides in me
    Love u...janu❤