• pranavfcb_10 5w

    Hey you

    Yes you. I know today wasn't a good day. Neither was yesterday, nor the weeks or months before. The longing to set things right, to have everything normal is so natural to you. Yet every day seems so difficult, so much of luggage to carry.
    And I know my words won't change it much, but I know one thing above everything that you are a survivor. We are survivors. And everything we have been through is terrible, sad and painful. Yet we stood up to it. I know some days it's just easier to pull up the covers and slip into an incessant existential crisis.
    But don't dare you give up on me, don't dare you give up on us. Because we are in this together and even if the problems may be different yet the heart aches the same way. And I need you to know that no matter what the world says, you are a good person and you deserve everything that is just best. So hold on because I'll hold on too.
    Tonight is darker, may be tomorrow will be slight brighter.