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    I live by the moment and sing along to the tunes of my heart while my feet form the rhythm by which my hands tag along. The present is all I have,the current is what I do and now is all I can control, and so by this I roll and this due I stroll for its never long till its all gone.

    I worried about the past before I got there, I never enjoyed its present while it was gifted to me and I never mellowed to the dance by the tunes by the dunes and buried my joys for the worries of a break down to the coming minute as it passed along.

    All I have is now for the second to come is not guaranteed,all I have is now,for its the breath that I can count, all I have is now for its the only gift I call the present,all I have is now....I now sing with the chirping birds in the morning, my thoughts fly with the hawk as it skives through the skies and my heart warms to the melodies of the rising sun. I don't know when I'll be gone,and there's no moment like the present, I don't know what is to come, and there's no moment like now, I don't know what I'm to have, I enjoy for this moment, I don't know....but all I know is that I own now.

    I am now and not what is to come, I am now of what has passed, I am now of the present happening, I am now for the now is me of what I am is to be from me being the perfect of now that I can be within the possible of my present to the next be of me from the now. I ain't bipolar but can only define myself by now, I ain't a season for I got no fixed calenders,I can only be now. Ask me of my past but the results will always be now, ask me of what I am to become, my future will always be now. Ask me of what I want......I only want a smile of the present, I only want the joys of now, I only want the role of present, I want the celebrations of this gift. Ask me of how my day was, I'll tell of how my day is now, ask me of what I did, I'll tell that I'm still breathing, ask me of what I want, I'll say of what is to enjoy only but now...
    I may be broken but now is perfect, I may be damaged but now is salvaged, I may be sad but I enjoy the current, I may be a mess but the now is great, I may be cursed but now is a blessing.
    Lets enjoy now coz its all we have,lets laugh now,its the smiles we have.
    Just let me dance to the present, let me sing to the now, let me breathe the present, let me laugh the now,let me cry the present,let me love now,let me be me now while the present lasts for the next might be my last.

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