• prymvda 4w

    Poetry on getting your heartbroken

    Maybe one day,
    When you least expected it,
    Love will come into your life.
    Love won't be the one you expected,
    Maybe love doesn't have the same tastes as you,
    Maybe love doesn't enjoy the same things you do,
    But you'll love him,
    For the person he is,
    And he'll love you
    Even though you fight with him on most things.
    But you'll learn to compromise,
    You'll learn to listen to each other,
    You'll learn new things, new ideas, new visions,
    You'll see a world outside yours,
    And you'll love it too since it's a part of him
    But then,
    Maybe one beautiful morning you will wake up
    And love will want to leave.
    You can't hold onto love forever,
    No matter how beautiful it was,
    You have to let go one day
    Learn to let go
    Let go of the one you love
    And be happy in the joy he gave you
    If only for a few months
    For only you know the beauty thise months held
    Be happy that life graced you with love
    For you are fortunate, to have found love
    No matter how short lived it was.