• irleenda 11w

    My grandparents loved each other to bits that I don't remember a day in my life that they were not together.They were inseparable.
    During her twilight years,grandma had dementia.
    Every single day was a struggle for us except for grandpa who was always by her side,always attentive,always patient.
    Maybe that's the reason why she held on.
    Maybe she couldn't leave without him.
    One morning,we found them lying side by side on their bed.Holding hands in their sleep,a hint of peaceful smile on their faces.
    What a heartwarming sight that was.
    True to their promise to each other,they were together till the very end.

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    One Day

    One day,
    When I don't remember your name
    Or recognize your face
    Just hold my hand
    And whisper to my ears
    The beautiful memories
    Of sweet yesterdays.
    When I don't seem to recall
    What happened in our past
    Just look into my misty eyes
    Gaze deep into my soul,
    Help me understand.
    When things get blurry,
    And I'm not like what I used to be,
    Have patience and bear with me
    I'll get through,
    I'll sure do
    That,I promise you.