• dmwilliams 49w


    An hour before sunrise and we laid nestled in my arms from our long night of laughing and talking.

    This was perfect. . .Perfection at its finest and here she slumbered, God's present to me but I felt so unworthy, undeserving.

    We hadn't been intimate in days and it didn't matter, because being in her space, her company, provided my soul with such a mind-blowing sense of release.

    She was an amazing woman, accomplished and so driven for life. It didn't stop there, she was caring, kind and I swear she always seemed to smell like fresh picked strawberries.

    Was it her hair or her supple skin? I leaned closer and simply inhaled. This must be what heaven feels like. . .

    . . .I feel reborn with this woman, like I finally found my equal and opposite all balled into perfection.

    I held onto her tighter and vowed to never let her go. We remained nestled in love, intertwined forever and strawberries became my favorite fruit.