• suman 31w

    She was screaming, nobody cared
    She was shattered, nobody cared.
    Her eyes were teary, her face was pale
    Her numbness, nobody cared.
    Her shouts were just a waste
    And her voice left unheard.

    Humiliation was at its peak
    Humanity was some where leak,
    Bystanders making crowd
    Ignorance at seventh cloud.

    Scars engraved upon her skin
    Also on her mind and soul
    The cruelty stabbed her,
    her misery remained unfold.

    The culprits were never questioned
    Nor were they named.
    Victimized, ripped apart,
    Yet it was her who felt ashamed.

    Listened by hundreds,
    avoided by thousands
    As if her story was just a thud,
    The streets and roads were still
    So were the flesh and blood.

    She is more like a closed book now
    Whose pages are left unturned,
    The ocean is made of agony
    Where she is completely drowned.

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    Her voices left unheard

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