• se7en 6w

    Yes i'm still searching for you in someone else, trying to find you but not you.
    Your innocence, ahh it's hard to find such innocence in today's world.
    Your smile which i love the most i'm tracing those curves on someone else's lips but couldn't find a more charming one.
    looking into there eyes to see if i get lost in them just like i get in yours only to find out that i do get lost but in your thoughts.
    And you know the most weird thing i'm trying to do now, i have a thing for broken souls
    i wanna fix them and to make them believe in love again just like i was trying to make you believe but i'm not able to love them cause they aren't you.
    Yes i'm still searching for you in someone else with false hope as i know there is no other soul like yours.

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