• gloria_shankar 5w

    #Happy Onam to all especially the Lord of the Fields#
    #An ode to all the farmers as they are the main sources of the survival of entire human race#

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    Lord of the Fields

    I bow to you O' Noble Farmers
    You are the Lord of the Fields
    Burning under scorching heat of summer
    You tolerate to turn the barren soil fertile

    Season by season you sow the seasonal seeds
    Making entire human race avail to feed
    You do not mammer to sprinkle chilling cold water
    Witnessing your plants losing moisture in winter

    Seeing your seeds unveiling greenish sprouts
    You shun all the infectious intruder invading them
    Anticipating productive product each season
    You camouflage as a sentry to protect your crops

    The rainfall and the hurricanes of wind fear you
    You know they wipe away your tillage mercilessly
    Drowning your eyes in the flood of tears
    Making you numb to start all over again

    Cursory glance in your distorted field vex you
    Still you accumulate courage to fill your empty land
    Investing your entire energy in enriching your plants
    You accomplish your riches of fruitful harvest