• beauti13 4w


    When it's detramentalto to your health or the health or others the well being off another life or either even your own you make decision and I speaking for myself have put my very life in place of yours. Yet everything I attempt to salvage for the better for the hour l good. Every attempt has been turned against me and is polar opposite. My heart aches so much and I can't express how deeply I'm concerned or yet how much I really am sincere about the compassion I have for another. How I ended up in the middle of this war and rivalry I'd like to be informed of his I even for in the mix of all of this that's so formal. I'm seeing so much of my past replay. And so much of the future yet circumstances seem to be carried out by actors who don't realize life isn't a game. Every decision you make it taken literally. I'm aware of copy and pasted statements evol. . Smart home... Room. Water tower. School. . Still photos being viewed as my life. This is miserable it. I refuse to ask any question. I'm tired with the Riddler never focus too much on color. Bc the joker my show up with penquin outfit on ... Sabotaged. When will this be understood? If you for instance called me and the call linked to medical device I would fucking scream at u too!! This is why you can't go home sometimes it's bad for your health... However there is a devil who loves evil and will welcome you with open arms just to see the purity in you weaken. Christ has already paid the penalty for all of us. Now I'm listening to the this nonsense. Familiar with the term shugars? Bc they are intended to be sweet and a form of affection. Not the statement or request to be implemented into a false statement to slander or implement to assume something foul. .
    Handcuffed me to the steering wheel and left me in the truck