• nihitbhatia 34w

    A woman roaming freely in a skirt and red light transparent top is in no way inviting herself to get raped. She is as free as any man on the street is. She too enjoys the same rights, same privileges, same respect like any other man on the street. When we got the freedom from British, it was not decided that the free rein is only for men. It was for all castes, sexes, religions. To me honestly there is no point going to temples or doing Pooja of female deities, if we can can't or fail to protect the living ones. This is a major issue not just in India, but in other parts of the world as well. Just because we take developed countries for granted, but never notice the atrocities women in those countries face too. I am sure a lot of people would say here is that, short skirts or shorts or anything not covering her legs is a culture of Western countries. This is absolutely not true and the same has to be educated right in the minds of our children as well. They wear those coz they are free to wear whatever they want. Irregardless of the length of her clothes. Imagine how would you like if some women comes and touches your private parts or comments on the way you walk. It really would be embarrassing, won't it.
    This is not a topic to be linked to unfortunate death of Aasifa. These are just my thoughts on a different level.