• write_with_feelings90 22w

    a woman's trust

    every war fought by prisoners of the soul
    for every tear is an ounce of happiness
    every child born into and out of sin
    every man for himself

    a woman's love though serious yet unconditional
    no other circumstances come between
    unless you lose her trust
    you break the mold
    unable to come back from that

    when things are going fine
    she won't forget she won't let you forget either
    your love impure
    your love unsatisfactory
    tearing yourself down
    to rebuild desperately

    the disorder in your life after that small fall
    makes all the difference in your life
    that puts the knife in your side
    twisting it around
    until you are a shell of a man

    reclaiming your redemption
    with a good woman's love
    you will
    and it will be the most glorious accomplishment of your life